About Airdrie 3 on 3 SHL
as we enter our 19th season of 3 on 3 Spring Hockey in airdrie - we are happy to have kept the price the same for past 5 years to offer families an affordable spring hockey experience.  

Hockey is a simple game and should be fun. We at Airdrie 3on3 SHL are big advocates of a positive environment, as the more fun a players is having - the more they are learning and improving. The fast paced action provides players with the opportunity to work on their fitness conditioning and endurance. Players enjoy the open ice and 3 on 3 allows them a chance to be creative - all while keeping their skills sharp once their regular season has ended.

Come and Experience the thrill of 3 on 3 spring hockey league for youth players. We offer a fun and competitive environment for kids to improve their skills and enhance their love for the game. With our unforgettable hockey experience your player will have the opportunity to play 20 games during April, May and June . Sign up now and be a part of the excitement!